Good design should support learning through making


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A playful drawing of the mascot of Hackasaurus, a girl in a yellow
outfit with a blue cape and goggles. She is holding a laptop and
it is plugged into the word "remix".
“I’m proud of this project because it impacted the way that out-of-school programs approach coding. ”


It’s difficult to ask teens to go into sandbox environments to learn how to edit the Web.

Engagement strategy

Run hack-jams with the New York and Chicago Public Libraries to user test how might we design web development learning experiences that meet youth where they are on the Web.

Design strategy

Help teens remix the websites that they regularly with a bookmarklet. Teach the educators who support youth hackers so that they can be involved in the learning activity.


We designed a bookmarklet and curriculum to make it easy for anyone to uncover and mess around with the building blocks that make up the web— empowering them to move from digital consumer. The X-Ray Goggles bookmarklet helps you to look under the hood of a website and then remix the code.


This project was conceived of, designed, and, implemented with Atul Varma. during our time at Mozilla. We worked very closely with radical librarians in New York and Chicago initially, and this morphed into a huge international collaboration with educators and youth from Newark to Nairobi. We worked iteratively, testing and tweaking the tools and updating (and localizing) the curriculum.

view of bookmarklet in action

The bookmarklet in action remixing an image.

totally marked up mockup

This is an early mockup of the editor. Lot’s of mark up!

teach the teachers guide to html and css I.T. checklist for hosting events how to hack - a users guide goggles cheat sheet

I created a ton of learning resources: (left to right)Teach the Teachers Guide, I.T. checklist for hosting events, How to Hack - a users guide, Goggles cheat sheet.