Good design should support collaboration

Open Design Kit

“I work with people who love “open design” in theory, but we needed a common set of methods so that on a very practical level, every project stakeholder understands how to collaborate. ”


Working openly with distributed teams can be complicated.

Engagement strategy

Stage a few interventions with different kinds of teams to try to uncover practices and challenges unique to this specific kind of design.

Design strategy

Provide tools to practitioners collaborating in distributed environments.


Create a toolkit of methods (Open Design Kit) so that anyone: practitioners, clients, and collaborators can learn how to be productive and happy in this kind of collaboration. The Kit was designed as an open source project so that any kind of maker can contribute to it.


Open Design Kit was incubated with my colleagues at Bocoup.

mobile mockup of open design kit

Here’s a mobile mockup of Open Design Kit method, process, and contribute features.